Palm Fiber Mat / E-Pad / BioMat

Palm Fiber Mat/E-Pad/BioMat is a biodegradable mulch mat made from 100 % natural agricultural biomass. It is made from recovered palm-based biomass, which indirectly can help to save considerable amounts of CO2 and methane from entering the atmosphere via opening burning and unscrupulous waste disposal. This product is designed primarily as a natural protective covering for soil surfaces 1) to prevent soil erosion (Erosion Control) in areas subjected to heavy rain and 2) to retain moisture (Mulching) in areas subjected to drought condition. Our Palm Fiber Mat/E-Pad/BioMat also 3) enhances growing conditions by stabilizing and protecting soil, conserving moisture and suppressing weed growth. Our Palm Fiber Mat/E-Pad/BioMat is fumigated and does not contain any deleterious microorganisms, making it a perfect organic product for use as a soil protective layer in plantation.

Product Quality:

Moisture Content

11 – 15 %

Oil Content

< 2 %


5 – 15 cm


< 3 %

Key Advantages

Palm Fiber Mat/E-Pad/BioMat offers the following benefits for Mulching, Soil Erosion Control and Vegetation of Terrains:-

  • ·      Retains soil moisture
  • ·      Reduces loss of top soil and fertilizer runoff
  • ·      Stabilizes soil temperature
  • ·      Reduces surface water velocity
  • ·      Accelerates seed germination and plant growth
  • ·      Enhances root development in plant
  • ·      Organic and Biodegradable
  • ·      Suppress weed

fibermat sheet
Sample image of Eureka’s Palm Fiber Mat/E-Pad/BioMat







Application of Palm Fiber Mat / E-Pad / BioMat in Plantation - Mulching

Palm Fiber Mat/E-Pad/BioMat can be applied around the basal stem area of plants as a protective layer as shown in the following figures.

first  second1  third1

It allows free flow of water through the ground and thus helps with moisture retention in the soil, subsequently enhances the quality and health of plants, especially in hot countries with long periods of dry weather.

Product Specifications


Light EKM 1000

Medium EKM 1500

Heavy EMK 2000


1,000 g/m²

1,500 g/m²

2,000 g/m²

Roll Size

2 m x 20 m (recommended)

2 m x 10 m (recommended)

2 m x 10 m (recommended)

Mat Size

0.5 m x 0.5 m

1 m x 1 m

2 m x 2 m






Needle punched dried palm fibre

Needle punched dried palm fibre

Needle punched dried palm fibre


For more information on our Palm Fiber Mat/E-Pad/BioMat, please refer to our product catalog.

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