Eureka Organic Fertilizer

Eureka Organic Fertilizer (EOF) is an organic fertilizer that is solely made up of palm oil waste products, including empty fruit bunch (EFB) fibre, decanter cake, boiler ash and palm oil mill effluent (POME).  It consists of living super-strain microbes that constantly transform, fix and mobilize nutrients for plants absorption and assimilation. EOF is being marketed worldwide as an earth and consumer friendly organic fertilizer.

Product specification



C-N ratio

< 20

Organic matter

  > 40 %

Moisture content

   < 25 %

Total NPK

   > 5.5 %


6 - 8

lazada buynow 

Files available for download: MSDS     Product Catalog   

For more information on the key benefits, application rates and methods for the fertilizer, kindly refer to Green Plant Organic Fertilizer.

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