Special Designed EFB Treatment System for Biomass Power Plant

The integrated waste management and treatment system converts the generated waste/by products from palm oil mill into value-added products. The system integrates various technologies to convert all the solid biomass generated from palm oil milling process into value-added products (e.g., pellet, dried long fibre, fibre map, biofertiliser, etc.).

Palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) can be converted into short fibre to be used as boiler fuel to generate power supply. Conventional EFB treatment system consists of pressing and shredding processes to remove remaining oil and reduce the size of EFB to increase their burning efficiency in the boilers. However, high chlorine and potassium contents in the processed short EFB remained a challenge as these substances tend to adhere to the wall of boilers and reduce the effectiveness and shelf life of the boilers.

A special designed EFB treatment system is developed by Eureka Synergy that consists of a series of equipments that is able to process EFB into short loose fiber.A special design was incorporated into the system to reduce the chlorine and potassium contents in EFB as compared to the conventional treated EFB. The moisture content of finished short EFB product is remained at ~ 35 %, which made them suitable to be used as a sustainable boiler fuel without reducing the performance of boiler system during the combustion process.

 ES KA EFB Fiber1

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