Eureka Synergy Sdn. Bhd.

Who we are?

Eureka Synergy specializes in palm industry’s management and processing technologies. We manage palm oil plantations, build palm oil mill and operate palm oil mill. We designed and built our (till date) largest palm oil mill with maximum capacity of 180 ton per hour – the largest design capacity palm oil mill in Southeast Asia.

Then, we venture into palm biomass processing technologies to strive for resource efficiency and recovery. Since 2011, we have developed and implemented resource efficient applications for agro-based industries. Eureka Synergy utilizes inventive systems that convert previously unutilized resources into end products with viable commercial value; thus creating additional value chains to an existing business. Eureka Synergy is dedicated to turnkey projects which include planning, designing, engineering, building, commissioning and machine operation. We drive resource efficiency and recovery with commercial applications that are sustainable with viable returns.

In order to ensure continuous development in our commercial operation and be prominent in the industry, we have close research collaborations with research centres and universities such as The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Crops for the Future Research Centre and so on.

We continuously research and develop green technologies that can be implemented in the industry to achieve zero waste discharge. We aim to work closely with our customers, our partners and policymakers to reach efficient and sustainable utilisation of industrial waste for a better environment.

Our Concern and Vision

We are concern about our environment. We manage industrial waste systematically and efficiently to protect our environment for the next generations.

Our vision is to develop and distribute green technologies for zero discharge. We always strike for a balance between Planet, Profit and People for a better environment. We aim to deliver a high quality living environment to the next generations by protecting our environment via green technologies.

Success history

An integrated zero waste management system has been implemented in our palm oil mill. In this system, an advanced 2MW biogas power plant is built to produce sustainable and sufficient power for the entire system. In addition, all the solid biomasses or waste generated from the oil mill is converted into various high quality products such as bio-fertiliser, pellet, dried fibre, fibre mat, etc. Meanwhile, the wastewater water (palm oil mill effluent) is used to generate power and further treated for water recycling. Via the integrated system, all the previously generated wastes have been fully converted into high quality products. Therefore, the palm oil mill achieves zero waste discharged.