IEM Talk on Integrated Waste Recovery and Regeneration System
(REGEN System)

12 December 2014

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As pointed out by National Biomass Strategy 2020, Malaysia had 83 million dry tonnes of palm-based biomass in 2012 with an estimated value of RM 24.9 billion. This is expected to increase to approximately 100 million dry tonnes by 2020. Besides, palm oil mill effluent (POME) is also expected to increase to 100 million tonnes by 2020. Based on the huge amount of palm-based biomass and POME available, there is a huge potential to recover and regenerate those biomasses into value-added products. To fully recover the biomasses, an integrated waste recovery and regeneration system (REGEN System) in palm oil mill is developed. In this talk, an overview of REGEN system is presented. Besides, applications of REGEN system in palm oil mill are discussed.

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